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Jun 14, 2012
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Started life as an early bog standard 5 speed 1.9tdi PD130 AWX SE model when I got it...










Tints on all back windows
Eibach suspension
AP dampers/shocks
Smoked side repeaters
RS4 pedals
S-line rear bumper
S4 door blades
Hidden turbo back 2.5" straight pipe exhaust
Pressed metal number plates with plate holders
Led interior lighting including boot lights
B7 Aero wipers with Bosch blades
Debadged rear
Colour coded boot trim
Lightweight 17" Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2
Black wheel bolts
Black universal center caps
225/45/17 Mitchelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres
BV43 turbo
RS4 rear anti roll bar
LED licence plate lighting
EGR delete
Sachs Race Engineering clutch kit
Remap (205bhp with 360ft/lbs)
Launch control
Hard cut rev limiter
Sprint booster
Air con delete
Engine cover removed
PD150 head studs
Porsche and VW alternate engine bay caps
RS6 replica seats
CD changer removed
Spare wheel removed
Front mount intercooler
Intercooler piping all swapped
Dechromed b7 headlights with clear indicators
Phillips and Osram brightest bulbs all round
B6 to B7 cut wings
B7 RS4 black edition grille
B7 s-line front bumper
B7 bonnet
B7 s-line fog grilles
B7 bumper support
Smoked rear lights
Smoked indicators
Sport model steering wheel with Audi TT airbag
B7 2.0T Special Edition brakes (320mm front, 288mm rear)
Drilled and groved discs
Brembo pads
HEL braided brake lines
5.1 brake fluid
VW chrome fog light switch
short shifter
Bosch S5 battery
Bosch filters with Castrol Edge 5w40 oil
Perferated leather sport gear knob
Higher torque rated manifold and exhaust bolts
...think that's about it haha will update if I can think of more.

Possible future mods:
Recaro/Bride/other bucket seats
Polybush or swap arms for Meyle HD
034 gearbox mount
Race orientated wheel alignment
Carbon/RS4/fiberglass lighter body pannels
Passat spray washer jets
RS style plastic mesh fogs
Glasses holder rather than hanger
Remove clutch delay valve
Darkest legal tints with sun strip
Increase bulb brightness in vag-com
Add auto lock at 15mph in vag-com
Spray intercooler and piping black
6 speed with LSD (if the gearbox gives up)
Replace more under bonnet caps
Find/remove more unnesecerry parts
Wheel arch vents and brake cooling mods

"Projects" are never complete but I think mine is now at the stage where future mods are debatable as to whether or not they're actually worth doing so I'm calling it a built thread rather than build as theirs not much more to do (if I do anything... probably will I'm addicted).

Comments, suggestions, questions or anything else about the car are more than welcome but please don't thread hijack and ask about your own, if you would like help/advice drop me a private message (more than happy to help but will be ignoring thread comments of "I'm thinking of doing a b7 conversion...", "I want a bigger turbo...", ask about mods I've done just be mindful this is my build thread not yours).
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Knew I'd miss something; it's got B5 RS4 engine mounts and a 2.5tdi snub mount as well.
What FMIC did you go for? Looking for a decent one for my B7 1.9tdi
Cheers, just a universal Toyosports one... that Darkside sprayed their logo on when they were working on my car haha true story, only option is to get a universal one to work or get one from Darkside for these and it's triple the price for a Darkside one, I've got a bigger side mount with Darkside piping which can be made to fit if that's any good to you, just drop us a pm if your interested and I'll send pics and info.
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Wicked dude. You've put in a silly amount of effort on your B6. Looks ace. Those bucket seats though..:respekt:
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Minor (unnoticable) upgrade got an RS4 alloy bonnet on now, could just be placebo but it definitely feels more nimble and better braking, got me wanting more lightweight bits now :playful:
Ah, definitely show pics when you can!

Haha, tell me about it..constantly thinking of ways to make myheavy a*se cabby lighter!
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This looks awesome mate! Can’t beat a murdered out car :blush: keep the pics coming! I just bought all the parts to do the front end conversion on mine :icon thumright: hope the end result
Is half as good as yours turned out!!
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Powerflex polybushes and 034 gearbox mount turned up today to hopefully tighten things up.

Yes Jake, nice upgrades. Should completely transform the drive. Are you on Instagram by the way?
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Cheers, should be on next weekend so I'll report back how they go. Unfortunately I'm a bit behind the times and haven't currently got an Instagram but if I get one in future I'll stick up a link :happy:
Looking forward to it. Haha it's all good. These days everyone shows off their updates via Instagram also. It's worth doing when you can.
Bit of a late update but the mounts and bushes have definitely tightened things up, quite surprised with how much difference it's made to be honest but no doubt the old bushings were shot, overall loving driving the car although no change their.

Took some new photo's as it was a nice day so the car got a bath (also thought the old photo's were no longer displaying although today they seem to work!?).








Car is pretty much the way I want it... and I'm considering selling... mind changes like the weather though so may still be a keeper, got a lot of memories with this hunk of metal.
Easy Jake,

Good to hear mate. You've had the car ages and have referred to your instruction for a lot of help over the years!

Looking good..but yeah its tempting to sell.

Personally, I've invested far too much for me to sell. Plus the Golf R I want is far to expensive so im keeping my car for some years until I can afford the next project.
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Damn Jake!!

But I can understand.

Do you have another car in mind?
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Damn Jake!!

But I can understand.

Do you have another car in mind?

Picked up this:


Doesn't look much but it's 2.3 turbo, 260bhp and four wheel drive all as standard.

Did love the Audi but I live in the centre of a city where next year it wouldn't meet a new emissions law so would cost £8 a day if I wanted to go anywhere plus I walk to work now so the indicated new 18mpg isn't too much of a problem haha.

Already done some minor mods but trying my best to not go too mad as I quite like the sleeper look.
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That's awesome Jake! If you're going for the sleeper look, you are truly going to hurt some egos!

i reckon with decat, intercooler and a map, you're gonna blow by some road cars haha.

..Yes here in London its the same. Literally bwing raped for £15 per day. Luckily, my car is petrol and just past the date of Petrol vehicles in the ULEZ (Ultra low emmision zone)

Let me know how it goes.

Also, c'mon, get insta so I can follow you haha.

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