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Diesel renaissance?

daytonamart Aug 4, 2019

  1. daytonamart

    daytonamart Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    image.jpeg So there I am reading the latest copy of CAR magazine, the BMW E drive looks good at 40k mild electric and returning an average of 34 mpg, 34! I then go out on a trip in my 2.0 TDI Avant smoker, wifey and a couple of weekend bags.

    We do 90 miles and on the way back I check the efficiency, 56.4 mpg! In a 11 year old car which cost buttons and is as comfortable as you like. Someone tell me what's going on...?
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  3. HOGG

    HOGG Registered User

    I just did a 550 Mile trip in my Audi A4 Avant b7 1.9tdi
    I used 40 litres of fuel
    Work that one out!!!!

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  4. Steve Newton

    Steve Newton Registered User

    My 16year old Peugeot 206 shed is currently returning 76mpg!

    My V10 S6 is doing about 1/3 of that :blush:
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  5. Gazwould

    Gazwould Registered User

    Diesel is still King .

    Penny difference in fuel sometimes and lower in VED than petrol as still CO2 based .
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  6. Bbflex

    Bbflex Registered User

    Yep, I’ve moved from a c5 1.9tdi to a c6 2.0 tdi for a daily smoker, great mpg although I’m not as economical as you yet, I bought my car needing a bit of love so it’ll come in time.

    I used my c5 s6 for the work commute for a few weeks and was spending £90 in fuel in a week, where as my dailies go almost a month without fuel, I’ve never had it so good, admittedly that v8 means you leave the stereo off and open the windows in all weathers and that doesn’t help fuel consumption.
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