Q3 Determining which optional extras have been fitted to my car.


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I have just bought a 2013 Q3 2.0TDI Quattro Auto and have been looking through the information booklet which came with it.

The problem I'm having is knowing which option being referred to has been fitted either as an optional extra or as a standard fit, for example keyless entry where the sensor appears to be in the handle but which is not working.

Is it possible to obtain the list of original extras purchased when new or some way of knowing if the option referred to in the handbook is installed?

Also, is it possible to obtain a list of modifications already fitted to the car but perhaps just need to be activated?


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Put your VIN into one of the online decoders.


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I didn't even know that such a thing existed until tonight! Thank you


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Dealer will print the whole list of for you if you ask nicely.