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For all of you that have thought about getting your pride and joy properly cleaned, and polished but were afraid to ask, let me tell you I've just had both of mine done, by 'jr001', and the results were awesome.

First he degreased the A4 saloon, washed thoroughly, polsied/waxed etc etc, for 2 whole days! The saloon is solid black, and almost 7yrs old. Low miler but needing some TLC and boy did it get some. Looks (almost) like new, honestly.

Jr then get to work on the Avant for a further 2 days, and once again I was similarly impressed.

Became something of a local tourist attraction!

He managed to get something like 90-95% of surface marks out of the car, and I learnt loads about how to wash your car. Its funny but I always thought I did a reasonably good job out there with a chamois, but oh no! Never again. Got to get meself some fancy mitts and potions. But it wont take as much time from now on seeing as jr did all the hard graft!

I've posted a load os pics on the main thread 'show pics of your car', and there's 2 posts in the Detailing Section from jr001, one for each car.

If you love your cars - get em seen too!!

Thanks again John - lovely job(s)...


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Good Stuff, i think ive seen the posts about them on DW.

Jr knows his stuff, and kindly offers any advice that he can.