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Detailing in the sun

Sir Chumpalot Aug 7, 2020

  1. Sir Chumpalot

    Sir Chumpalot Registered User


    I'm really looking forward to getting out and giving the car a good clean but the sun is stopping me. I live on a road where the cars get no shade at all (I even checked at around 7am this morning).

    I've looked into getting a tent or some sort of gazebo for the car but haven't found a cost effective product yet. Another option though not ideal is to take it to a family members house where I can make use of some shade.

    Given that this will be my first time detailing the car I realise I'm not going to be the quickest, I also don't want to rush the job and if I'm constantly thinking about the sun etc I'll just **** it all up.

    Any other good ideas at all?


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  3. Taxboy

    Taxboy Registered User

    I'm afraid you will need to find a location with shade or wait until the weather changes.
    Most products are not happy being applied to hot panels and even high air temperature can affect them.

    My advice enjoy the sun with a cool drink whilst it's here and save detailing for another day

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  4. Nickyc

    Nickyc Registered User

    As above, its the heat as well, so the Gazebo wont help with that. Sods law really isnt it ? you want to clean the car when its nice outside, but thats the worst time to clean it.
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  5. Sir Chumpalot

    Sir Chumpalot Registered User

    Thanks for the replies. You've just clarified what I was thinking really.

    A cold beer might be the way forward instead.

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