Detailing, had to be done.


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Spent the last two weeks after purchase detailing the thing, in between work and leisure, as after picking the car up it was pretty grubby, especially the bay, which I finished last of all, now the car meets my ocd standards ha new to Audi, but not performance cars, but I’m keen to learn with this.



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Thanks for the kind words folks, regarding the rings, yes I have thought about them, so if I can find a set that will fit properly I’ll get them on, but for now I’m more than happy with silver, the car came pre mapped, so we are fine for power... for now ha, it won’t be a daily, it will be kept for pleasure only, run outs with folk, meets, shows ect and now that the cars protected I can start to drive it ha
Makes a change me buying a car and not having to spend thousands on getting a car how I like them.
Come from a background of various cars, mainly Jap, fresh imports all of them, Evo, Slylines, the one other German car was a Golf R Mk6, which was a good motor, oh and a couple of Delta Integrale’s, 16v and an Evo 1, another great car.
So thanks again folks and hope to chin wag with some of you wherever we get to meet up. ;-)


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You did good :rockwoot:


Alan Oliver

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Just the Colour trim variant I want. Lovely car and your previous ownership similar(ish) to mine Impreza RB5, P1, About 8 mk2 valvers, A Golf Rallye, Edition One G60 f*ck me wish I still had at least 1 of them, I'd be made.


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Good luck finding some! Im still trying to find ones to fit. RS3 are an odd size apparently.

You must be buying aftermarket ones from flea bay or other sources if they don’t fit.

I have just bought a full set in black, 2 x rings & 2 x badges from local Audi dealer, had to order as not a stock item.
These are genuine Audi badges and are exact same size as what was on my RS3 when it was delivered from factory.
They are quite expensive but you get what you pay for.

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