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Detailer in North West for New Car Protection

DaveW May 27, 2018

  1. DaveW

    DaveW Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group

    As a follow up to my previous post about whether to get GARD X treatment in my wife's new Q2, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a detailer in the North West (preferably Merseyside) who could do a new car protection package?
    Many thanks,
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  3. Simonwhite2000

    Simonwhite2000 2017 S5 Coupe Daytona Grey

    Miglior detailing they have courtesy cars too. Your in Liverpool? Same. Come over check out the s5 and we can fit my auto hold kit ;-)

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