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Dension Ice Link - what does it do?

GrahamS4 Mar 1, 2018

  1. GrahamS4

    GrahamS4 Guest

    I pulled the stereo out of my car as I'm wanting to find a way of fitting a USB/Aux in so that I can play music from my phone on my stereo and I found a thing called a Dension Ice Link behind the stereo, it's actually got Audi printed on the other side of it. Somebody had kindly cut the wire to the multi pin plug that goes into it but am I right in thinking this is for connecting an ipod or similar?

    I do not have nor want an pod or iphone, I have a Sony Xperia which I'm perfectly happy with but who knows if the easy route to expand the stereo to digital music is an ipod I may get one and use it instead.


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