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Audi Navigation plus in my 2011 S3 is doing my head in :(

I want to delete destinations that I no longer need in the directory (not last destinations) but I cant for the life of me find the option...?

When I go into the memory I get the below options:-

1. Last destinations (greyed out as I deleted them)

2. Top categories

3. Load from directory

4. Store in directory

5 Load route (greyed out)

6. Store route (greyed out)

7. Delete route (greyed out)

If I select a stored location the only options I'm given is to go into special destinations or start route guidance.

Once I've selected to start route guidance I can then later delete last destinations but its locations I have saved in the memory I no longer require that I want removing.



I sorted this in the end....
How !
I have a similar problem
I've put in an address twice. One in business and once in private
I've been sat on my drive pressing buttons for an hour and still cant find out how to delete a stored entry.
I'm talking to the car but shes asking private or business address
Just noticed this is 5 years old!


For information its impossible to do through the Sat Nav.
It has to be done through your phone.
Edit or delete your chosen entries in your phone contacts.
All Sat Nav entries will be there.
Then share all of your contacts using your phones Bluetooth to your car.
Easy but so complicated. It took me ages to work it out. I also managed to store Home as one word by leaving out first name and pressing OK in the blank space.
I hope this helps someone else.
No wonder Tom Tom is so popular!