Deer collision


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Hi all – and hope everyone is keeping well.

It has been a sad few days – not because of damage to my A4 – but simply that I cannot bear to think of an animal suffering. Amazingly the deer ran away – and I can only hope it is recovering or it dies quickly.

So – this is the result of a deer collision at around 45 mph – small country road – and absolutely no time to react. A company car so I will not lose too much sleep over the damage - £4250 repair estimate.



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Damn 4.2k, seems allot, but has acc & probably under the hood things are cracked, bent, etc, soon adds up I know.

Deer have a hell of allot of muscle, they weather car collisions quite well due to the build up of muscle & some fat, if they got up walked or ran away, usually they're ok, albeit shocked but I've seen a deer go full throttle into the side of a car before that wasn't exactly pottering along, it didnt even flinch & just went along its day, but yes I hope its ok as its heart wrenching at times even if I'm a carnivore.


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Hope it didn't have a red nose, you could have just cancelled christmas.

That could very nearly have been my car on Saturday night as well so I really can empathise. A magnificent fallow deer buck hopped out into the road in front of my car on a foggy country road in North Oxfordshire. Slammed on the anchors and did full bore emergency stop, collision detect kicked in as well. Stopped a couple of feet short of a nonchalant deer who had a bit of a trot down the road before squeezing through a hedge on the other side of the road. Took a bit to recompose and was glad I had managed to stop. My 6yo kid was in the back and I don't think he'd have enjoyed the sight of a dead or injured deer.


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Hopefully the deer is ok. To be fair modern cars have all the pedestrian safety gubbins built in so the car takes the beating and not what you hit. Luckily it works for animals too.
£4K is pretty cheap fix, I remember my dad hit a small deer years ago and the cost was £6k+ at the dealers. Looked like a cracked bumper but upon close inspection the whole front end moved back an inch or 2 including the bonnet and lights. This was at 20-30mph.


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60mph dual carriageway, also no time what so ever to react, like hitting a brick wall.

Biggest deer I've seen in my life, just got up and ran off.

All airbags gone, write off.... Just glad it didn't come through the window screen lol


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Write off? With the struggle to get new vehicles insurance companies still insist on writing off minor damage? :blink:


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4.2k does seem a lot for a new bumper skin and some internal brackets? Is the front wing damaged too?

And is the fur on the wheels? Poor animal probably ran off and died in a ditch :(

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A good chunk of that 4.2k would be the matrix lights no doubt.

don’t worry yourself over it too much, animals will be animals. I once had a bird go splat on my windscreen on the m5 near Gloucester or so. Let’s just say I was keeping up with traffic …
I had to pull over to wipe the remains. Unexpectedly, my windscreen was fine.


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New bumper and new wing….. but there are a large number of smaller components that need to be replaced (matrix lights seem to be OK though and are not included in the estimate). Also includes ADAS recalibration etc…

It is a long shopping list of parts – and quickly adds up – here is the parts list alone!