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paulie102003 Mar 17, 2019

  1. paulie102003

    paulie102003 Member

    Long time lurker here finally saying hello.

    I am shortly going to be in a position where I can buy another car - over the past few years, I have had to buy what the wife has pretty much deemed is acceptable, however, with an upcoming divorce on the horizon, I have decided to buy myself a happy divorce present following a decade of mental destruction.

    I like the A5 sportback shape. Tired of having saloons, which whilst you can drop the seats, you still have a whacking metal parcel shelf preventing the loading of any dogs or bikes.

    So, I was hoping I could get some opinions here as I am currently torn between the newer shape (dont know its chassis code) A5 and the S5. So my criteria is as follows

    I drive quite calmly in my normal car as I get my speed fixes at work (not my fuel, tires or mechanics). Petrol only - I have spent my time with the demon fuel and I am happy to go back to petrol now. I like a car which is comfortable and quiet when I want it to be, but one that also has some guts about it when I put my foot down, one which isnt shouty when just cruising, but when under WOT, I want the exhausts to talk to me. Ive missed having a talkative car. I also like a car which talks to me in relation to car feedback and control. I drive by feel when at speed. Economy is of some importance, so I think I am trying to find a balance between the two.

    So, A5 252bhp or the S5. Ive never owned a V6 so I am finding that very appealing. I wouldnt be driving WOT all the time, in fact, to be honest, I would likely be cruising the majority of the time. I am finding myself more inclined towards the S5. I like toys - the more the better. I was also thinking of an Alfa Guilia Veloce which feels fantastic on the road, although there was very little feedback through the wheel.

    So - S5? Performance aside, what realistic MPG would you be looking at when only stabbing the loud pedal occassionally? Even the A5 in the sportline trim doesnt look sporty enough for me. Would there be a massive real world difference in comfort and MPG between the A and the S5?
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  3. V6 Quatt

    V6 Quatt Well-Known Member

    Go for the S5 new shape you won't look back it's awesome all the toys and more. But make sure you have B&O folding mirrors and lighting pack too all these goodies make it worthwhile.

    MPG average town 22 to 25 motorway run 35 to 37 drive in efficiency and you'll notice the economy
  4. metzer_001

    metzer_001 Member

    I average around 15-20mpg during my 2 mile city commute (in traffic). On longer journeys (motorways) can expect 30ish mpg.

    Thats mainly 'normal' driving with the odd 'floor it' moment
  5. paulie102003

    paulie102003 Member

    Thank you guys for your response. Most of my journeys are 30 minute ones, pretty much consisting of fast flowing B roads with some dual carriageways in between so I rarely actually sit in traffic much. I always find a way around traffic jams to keep moving as much as possible.

    B&O? Thats the sound system right? Music is another thing I must have. Folding mirrors? Does the S5 not come with those standard then? And when fitted, do they fold when you lock and unlock the car? And the lighting pack - I love accent lighting in a car, so that is definetely something for me too. Virtual cockpit - is it worth it? I understand that when it first came out, their reliability was a bit hit and miss. Has that all been resolved now?

    I dont mind retroffiting things if thats doable. I understand things like the virtual cockpit would likely be a nightmare to retrofit, but would things like the lighting pack or folding mirror have the ability to be retrofitted without destroying the bank account?

    Are there any reliability issues with the new S5, anything I need to look for when visiting dealers or is it still too new a car for any issues to raise their heads? A quick google only brings up the first generation S5

    I get about mid 35mpg out of a 4 pot 2.5ltr if I drive it like a granny, with mid 20s if I drive it enthusiastically, so it doesnt sound like the S5 will be too far away from that. Just with lots more performance.
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  6. paulie102003

    paulie102003 Member

    So took a fully loaded up A5 Sportback in the 249bhp guise out for a drive today. My local dealer has been really good. Loved the car, loved the cabin, the build, the quality, the quietness/lack of road noise intrusion in general however it was too slow. And it didnt talk to me when I put my foot down.

    Sales rep says that he definitely thinks the S5 is my next best bet as its a much more talkative car so he is trying to source one within their group for me to take it out for a test drive. I am still not in a position yet to buy it as the divorce money isnt through yet, yet he is happy to still source me an S5 for a good drive. He is trying to arrange me to have a car for 24hrs if he can swing it.... which will be nice.

    So far - Im really impressed with my local dealer. Lets hope it continues.
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