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Decided to stick on a front lip spoiler - Literally!

boffin486 Jul 29, 2018

  1. boffin486

    boffin486 Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group TDi Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro S-line owners group

    Hello all, I had the bumper off to fix a grille issue & have had a roll of rubber spoiler kicking around for a while. I thought I'd stick it on as an interim to putting a Cupra version on further down the line.

    This is the stuff I used
    Lip Spoiler roll2.jpg

    I used a few extras as opposed to trusting that the glue on it would hold - some plastic strip I had lying about & a trusty old heat gun to soften & shape it. DSC_0790.JPG

    Having stuck on the rubber spoiler & trimmed the ends, next I cut the plastic into 2cm wide strips with a guillotine to make into some shaped trims to screw on top to keep it all in place.

    After a bit of work, the trims are all shaped to fit.

    Screwed them all in place, forgot to photograph it (sorry), reassembled the bumper/grille and put back on car.


    Oh, and my dad's Riley got in on the act too......


    Not too bad a result for a total cost of........... £9.99 (the cost of the spoiler roll. :yahoo:
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  3. Jon13s

    Jon13s Member

    Fair play to you that's pretty impressive and looks like it's done well.

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  4. White knight 2

    White knight 2 Member

    Well done mate another great mod, and looks well good for the price, I've just got a cupra type, but will have to go to the bodyshop to fit as I'm hopeless mate lol

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