Dechrome - price


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anyone got their car dechromed in or around London?

how much were you charged?

I've been quoted around £600 for Windows, grill and front and rear bumpers.


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Not in London but as a rough guide I got quoted £300 for the windows, diffuser, boot spoiler and front bumper but not grill as they said it would be a nightmare due to the intricate design - didn’t inspire much confidence but I could see his point.

I’d probably go down the route of getting an RS Grille anyway, I’ve recently had a Maxton gloss black diffuser installed and an RS5 black spoiler fitted so when I do get the rest of the chrome gone I’ll only need the windows and front bumper done now.

When I get round to it, I’ll go to a few reputable companies to get quotes and possibly travel, there’s too many horror stories online especially about having the windows wrapped, cutting into the rubber and scratching it up etc puts me off a bit!


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I paid £480 for the Front bumper, door handles, window trim, rear bumper and diffuser. They said they could have a go at doing the grille for £70 but it would probably peel off as it’s quite intricate. In the end I just bought a genuine black edition S5 grille.

Another place quoted £440+Vat and another £1,200+Vat so it’s just a case of shopping around really.