decent tyre fitters, greater manchester...


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Personally I cannot rate Event Tyres any higher! Absolutely obsessed with the condition of my alloys on the A5 & A3 i have, and use them at work also, mobile fitting service which will cover all of Gtr Mcr. They even ask you to examine your wheels after the fitting to try and find any defects! (I am of course assuming you want someone to supply the tyres as well ................)


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cant go wrong with dave sheldons on liverpool st in salford . recently had four fitted and balanced for £50.00 all the lads there love there cars so understand what care is


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There is selecta tyre in bredbury in stockport who have always done my new alloys and tyres inc 19" deep lip ones without any hassle at all and for a very good price too. also try direct tyres in stockport near asda and matalan and speak to Gaz.


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I go to WRC in Preston, Sheldons are meant to be good, good with stretch as well.