Decent Garage in West Mids


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Got a feeling my Cat/O2 sensors are chuffed. anyone able to recommend a specialist who isn't going to bend me over?


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midland VW in south staffs

well worth a visit


Defo worth the wait :)
Whereabouts in the Mids are you?

There is Midland VW, MJ Tech and I think Central VW/Audi near the fort.


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couldnt find mjtech online for love nor money.

I have fired off 6 or 7 emails to a few of the above, cant travel miles tbh as work wont let me so gone for local vag specialists asking for a quote to look at whats causing the problem and also to do my rear brakes.


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Sounds good, keep us updated.


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dont touch central audi vw with a barge pole.. they are useless!!!! i would never ever ever touch them again! rip off con artists who havent a scooby and would rather replace things they 'think'...'could'... be wrong at your expense...rather than do a proper diagnosis DO NOT USE!

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Nutkin, im only in cov, I take my car to Midland VW, a little way off however decent honest service and very reasonable prices. I have taken my s3 there for narly 3 years and not had a problem. speak to Jody and let him know you've been sent from us as their no is:01543 495700


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Another vote for Midland VW, really good service and great prices...just a shame I have to pay the toll to get there!.

Although there is a place in Coventry called Volks Service & Repair, Spon End in Coventry. My mates used them a few times now and they seem the real deal. Bit closer to Leamington as well for you.