Decent coolant Flush That will remove the likes of RADWELD


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As the title really. The reason for something that removes products like radweld is because i think before i bought the car i think the previous owner has tried to fix the EGR cooler leak by pouring Radweld or something in it. This has then possibly blocked the heater matrix in the car and i cant get heating from the drivers side vents.

So i want to try flushing it and seeing if this helps the situation. Also my coolant does look a little dirty. Like a dirty brownish colour so i suspect a bit of a blockage. I dont however have any mayo in the oil cap ect.

Audi A6 3.0 TDI 2012 model


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So I don't know much about how to remove Radweld or similar coolant stop-leak additives, but take a look at this video by ChrisFix:
The entire video is about how to replace your radiator, but at the link above I've fast forwarded to the point where he shows what a radiator looks like with all the stop-leak added and the damage it causes to your radiator.

His youtube channel also goes through how to do a comprehensive coolant flush as well.