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For Sale Dec 2013 A6 Avant 2.0 Tdi 177PS Black Edition 19K Miles quick sale @ £19,5K

Tips Sep 9, 2016

  1. Tips

    Tips Member

    Hi all,

    Great chance to get a lovely car for a good £2k less than it's worth.
    The reason, I've already done a part ex deal and have a new A6 on order as I couldn't be bothered with a private sale.
    However, through joining this forum I'm now aware that my spec of car is quite sought after so thought I'd put it on here to see what interest I get.

    So if it's worth £21,500 why sell it for £19,500 ... basically to sell it quickly and get a bit more than the dealer has offered in order to get some upgraded alloys.
    Buyer gets a car worth more than they bought it for, I get a few more readies for some extra goodies on my new car and the dealer still gets his sale. Everyone's happy.

    So ... a bit more about the car.
    Registered from new in Dec 2013 from Slough Audi. I've been the only owner.
    Low mileage because we use the wife's company car for local everyday travel and my A6 for the longer family trips. So miles are mainly motorway ones too.
    2.0 tdi 177ps manual which is surprisingly quick, at least it feels it.
    It's got all the standard Black Edition goodies for the year but also has the following upgrades:
    - 7" Colour driver information display
    - Heated seats
    - Lighting pack

    There's a couple of mirror scratches that should polish out and the same on a couple of the rims where the wife brushed the curb, but then the car's priced to give you a bit extra cash to get those things sorted if needs be.

    If anyone's interested then let me know and I'll get some more pics up. I'm in the unique position of not needing to sell her with any extra money being a nice to have.


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