Debating a 3.0 TDI Quattro A5 Coupe...


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Hi All,

I am debating whether to get a 3.0 TDI Quattro, but what are the real world figures of the MPG and tank ranges? I won't be paying for the fuel as it will be funded by the company, however I do 46 miles each way to work plus visiting 5 sites ranging from Edinburgh, to Birmingham and Swansea once a month.

Although I won't be paying for the fuel, I still want a decent car to get me between pumps but the torque and power of it is dragging me towards the 3.0 TDI.



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Only done about 1k miles in my 08 A4 3.0 TDI which is the 240 bhp engine and I am getting around 33mpg overall. Most of my driving is around town / built up areas and the average speed on trip 2 is only about 23mph. On a run it's not hard to get the trip into the low -mid 40's, really short journeys from cold seems to be more high twenties.
It will be better in the summer as I know from many years driving diesels the economy takes a hit when the temperture starts dropping.
With the kind of mileage you are doing you would probably be getting into the high 30's , low 40's average. Especially if you go for the newer 245bhp 3.0 as they made more changes to improve economy on that engine.
A DPF delete and remap can be had from about £600 and this will give you close to 300bhp and better fuel economy. I am really happy with my car very relaxed cruiser at around 2K RPM in 6th 80mph.



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Totally agree with Karl on the review of the engine. My sig shows my real world consumption on the 245bhp engine with S-Tronic, that's mostly from cold with a 3 mile trip or in traffic. On a decent run I think the highest I've seen is 43mpg but the engine still only has about 10k miles on it so should keep improving.

Unicorn (sponsor here) do DPF deletes and remaps for the engine for about £600 and give 300+ bhp and about 660 Nm if I remember rightly, along with a big chunk more mpg. Very tunable engines and great for motorways as you have decent economy but enough oomph for overtaking as well. In 7th gear mine sits about 1.7k revs at 80mph, so just ticking over really. :)


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What about the TFSi?

I get about 28 around town and 38 on a run / 400 miles to a tank.

(Have done 12000 miles in last 6 months)


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Anything from about 23 to about 45 easy going mway driving.
mapped to about 300bhp 600nm.
tbh i like a blast.


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mine is mapped to about 300bhp and if i go easy on a motorway run i can see mid 40s.

normal driving i would get mid to high 30s and average 430 miles per tank of diesel.

Mine is also for sale

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What about S5 ... I get as much as 17 mpg around town :)