debadge the front "RS3 logo", how?


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hello guys,

searched the forum but didn't find the answer.

how do debadge the "RS3 logo" on the front grill?
it's not an factory option in my country so I have to DIY.



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It's certainly a secure badge but I used a pair of sharp snips and cut across the front face to split the badge, it then releases side-ways without damage to the grille; done it for a couple of other RS3 owners too and it does seem a grille damage free solution, that said the badge is scrap.


Undo the top slam panel screws, you then just have enough room to get your hand in from the top.

It's just a case of feeling for the clips and releasing them for the badge to come off.
No damage to the badge either so you can pop it back on at a later date.