Dealer / specialist map...?


hmmmmm interesting.
Just a thought, how difficult would it be to have a map of the uk somewhere that people can put up the location of dealers / specialist garages in thier areas with attached reviews of them...

That way people can find reputable places to take their cars...?




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Not really. Post a link to a google map and everyone adds a pin and a description to locate their dealer or specialist. Seen it done on another forum.


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Good idea, but there's no such thing as free advertising, such an idea would require a contribution from these company's, inline with advertising rules of the site I reckon.


hmmmmm interesting.
hmmm,, would take a little bit of thought i agree but i keep needing to find independant places to take my car throughout the south and just cant find good ones.

I know there are loads of posts spread over the whole site but it would be good to have a graphical representation in the form of a map...:meeting:


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its a good idea, I'll add it to the list !