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Hi All,

I've been looking at the A5 Black Edition (probs 2.0 TDI Quattro or 2.0T Quattro) and Audi's current finance offers and I'm interested to know what sort of discounts you've got from Audi dealers on new A5's. I spoke to one who's offered 8% with no mention of centre contribution towards finance (although they might still offer one) and another offered 800-1k off ROTR price and centre contribution to finance of 2k, and neither of them would budge from there. I've managed to secure 11.25% discount via a website which I used to purchase my A3 although I will have to wait and see what finance offers they can do.



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Both are awesome cars. It's just a shame that in the UK we get so raped on Diesel, makes the decision between the two much harder. In the end, I went with Diesel purely because it retains more of it's value- check out the difference in GFV, it counter-balances the initial cost.

I only managed to get 500 off (which they said i could have for getting the insurance pack)... also got the 2k center contribution, free first service, full tank of fuel (instead of half), £250 fuel card, they paid for road tax and plate retention fees.. plus a few other little freebies (boot cargo net, s-line pen).

First time buying a new car and I'm disappointed with myself for not squeezing them for more- but it definitely seems you can do well out of Audi getting extra stuff thrown in.


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The deposit contributions are shared between the centre and Audi UK. As an example I recently bought an A4 which attracted a £2300 deposit contribution made up of £1300 from Audi and £1k from the dealer. Because I had negotiated a discount with them (just under 12%) clearly they don't have the margin to give the 12% and the £1k as well so I got the discount and the £1300 from Audi.


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I got 10% off on a brand new A3 last September then got some knocked off the finance APR. Just traded in for a 59 Plate, 9000 Miles, A5 2.0TDI S-Line Cab with the RS6 wheels. Got about £1500 off the asking price, full tank of fuel, 4 new tyres, first free service a 20 minute test drive in an R8 V10 Spyder :D and only a £1000 less than I paid for mine with 13,500 on the clock. Well chuffed! Took some haggling mind, that was at least 20 phone calls back and forth. Just keep at them. The other thing I did was play the BMW card. Lots of white lies is the key :)