Dead Pedal question


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Hi Guys,

I have found some old threads for some dead pedals from Osir which look really nice and OEM. I know they are quiet expensive and that there are copies which can be bought from ebay for half the price but looking at the actual Osir ones i just wanted to know which would fit our A3's as i know a few here have fitted them.

This is the one that i have heard being fitted to the A3 but not sure if it will actually fit:
O-REST GT Right Hand Drive

This is the one listed for the A3:
O-REST TT MK2 Right Hand Drive

I think the 1st one looks nicer and ideally want to get that to match up with the S3 pedals i have on order. Can anyone who has fitted these please clarify.



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Looking at the pics, I cant see the 1st one fitting as its the wrong shape.


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I like them


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The first one fits a golf and leon, I had one on mine bought direct from osir in usa. I emailed them reference the second one pictured as its listed and pictured for a audi a3 or mk2 tt dsg. They said it will fit a manual too, just haven`t had the spare funds to get one myself, sold my old one on ebay