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Dead oil temp sensor

larbel Apr 12, 2020

  1. larbel

    larbel Registered User

    Man... I just had an oil service not long ago, and then yesterday, warning light came on while driving and turned out to the bad oil temp sensor.. I haven't check for loose wire yet as I have no way of getting under the car but doubt that's the case. And in order to replace the oil temp sensor, pretty sure the oil needs to be drained? But the oil is like maybe 2,000km old, really not sure if I should replace the sensor now, or live with the warning light till the next oil service... What would you guys do?
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  3. bakedcorn

    bakedcorn Registered User

    Given my OCD I would most likely replace it as soon as possible however as long as you check your oil at every fill up then you should be ok.

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