DE55FKS - My DTM So Far

Olly P

My other cars a mk2 Golf GTi
Well, its about time I said hello!

I joined ASN when I bought my S3 in 2008. I sold this around 6 months ago and got my self an A4. So, I thought I should introduce myself in the A4 section!

It all started with a Golf GTi Mk2 16v, loved this car!


I had the Golf for years, however I eventually sold and bought myself an Audi S3:


I got a little bored of this and set my heart on a K04'd B5 S4. However, I decided to be sensible and went for an Audi A4 DTM instead. Heres a pic of when I first bought her, completely standard:


It didn't stay standard for long, theres a few things that I wanted to change. Firstly the Grill, i'm not a fan of the standard slatted grill and after a quick search on Audizine, i'd found a guide to fit an OEM RS4 Grill. As it turns out, its a right mission, guide here.

I'm not a fan of the orange indicators on the front headlights. Another search on Audizine and I found a few guides to 'de-tango' them, info here. Again, as it turns out, its quite a mission too as the bumper needs to come off etc.

Over Christmas I decided to buy myself a few presents for the DTM. I bought a set of FK coilovers and wheel spacers, 10mm front and 12mm back. This was all fitted, along with a Christmas special REVO remap by APS in Brackley. If your in the Oxford/Banbury area and need any work doing, I'd definitely recommend using them, top job and reasonably priced. Any way, heres a few pics of how she look at the moment:









I'd love a set of 3DSM 001's, but not sure how much more i'm willing to spend on my DTM. I love it but its certainly not fast, even when remapped. I've got my heart set on a B7 RS4 or a KO4's B5 S4, however I think i'll have the DTM for another year or so :icon_thumright:
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i am bout to start work on my DTM, virtually the same plan.

one mod i have completed is the Carbon wrapping of the silver strip on the boot. (here is how to get it off)
Aluminum trunk strip removal DIY

20130209_154807.jpg 20130209_154821.jpg

S3 Rav

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Very nice car ollie. How does compare to the s3 when remapped?

Olly P

My other cars a mk2 Golf GTi
I'm not sure on the ride height to be honest, I can just fit my finger between the wheels and arches. I went for coilovers so I can adjust the ride height, a little tweaking after they were fitted and I can make it over speed humps no problem. The only time I've had it scrape is when I had a car full.

The S3 felt much quicker to be honest. The A4's a big heavy car, it would take a lot more than a remap to make it any where near fast.


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Looking good, nice DTM.. I too had a mk2 golf, it was my first car. I missed it soo much I bought another one recently, i've been busy rebuilding the block & its put my DTM progress on hold.