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De-Coke results

CMC81 Apr 14, 2015

  1. CMC81

    CMC81 Registered User

    Just thought i would share my experience.

    I had read numerous threads etc on various sites regarding the problems associate with Carbon Build up, not just in the R8 but throughout the FSi range.

    Anyway i was shocked at the state, the pictures do not show it as best as i would like but it was significant, there was visible sludge etc and the valves were barely visible.

    The car is noticeably better driving and feels a lot more responsive. Anyone with the FSi engine i would advise to consider this before any further mods.
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  3. S3Alex

    S3Alex Rarely neutral Gold Supporter

    It is a significant problem,and as you say,applies to all of the TFSi range with the likely exception of the new TFSi 2.0 engine which has both Di and port injection.

    This is before,on mine....


    And after walnut blasting....


    This is a big turbo S3,previously running around 500bhp,with both a catch can system,and WMI.

    Both together do not deal with this issue.

    I doubt that this sort of vent-to-atmosphere system is an option on your particular engine,but it does solve the problem by removing all of the recirculating parts....

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