De-Chroming the A5!


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No apparently not mate, initially they said it was going to be too hard but realised they’re just on poppers with some mastic or whatever underneath but mine came off and got done
Really! I thought the whole plastic and trim around it has to come off

Anthony Ring

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It was yeah, I haven't got that on anymore though!

It did look much better wrapped, but where I de-chromed the rest it looked good. The only part I'm unsure on modding is the S Line bit on the side of the car now to black

I’m thinking of wrapping my Audi A5 and I love that color, will you please tell me the name of it?


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Anyone got any recommendations of somewhere in London to get a dechrome done?

FAW Customs have quoted £780 for mirrors, grill, window surround and front and rear bumpers.

Seems steep to me...