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  1. Fuzzyduckjb

    Fuzzyduckjb Member

    Hey guys,
    So I have watched numerous vids on this on youtube and bit the bullet and baught some black vinyl tape and wrap to de chrome the window surrounds and 2 strips on each side where the fog lights would/should go.
    Well I gave it a go today and what a nightmare...does not tuck in where I want it to, doesnt stick very well after full preparation done. I got fed up spat my dummy out and packed away. I already have a grill to fit when ready but what I'm asking is does anyone know of any places near or around widnes in the northwest that they can recommend for either spraying or wrapping professionally.
    Orrrrrrr a long shot does anyone know where or if it's at all possible to acquire the black pack from anywhere.
    Cheers in advance

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