Day Time Running Lights



Could I ask you for some information which I am unable to find on the Internet or in my owners manual. I have an A4 cabriolet on a 58 plate with Xenon head lights and I would like to put LED bulbs in for the day time running lights. Firstly could someone tell which type of bulb and what wattage they are. I believe they are currently single filament 382 bulbs. The bulbs i have been looking at are on the Ultra led website (link below)

Now if/when I install these bulbs am I going to get a bulb out warning, some people say yes and some no, as the bulb probably has a resistor in the unit to increase the current draw and make the system think there is a normal bulb there.
I am also looking at replacing the number plate lights for LED versions I believe they are 239 type bulbs at 5 watt is this correct and will they do the same thing with the bulb warning.

Thanks in advance



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Hi Sheridan - welcome to the world of bulb upgrades :beerchug:

The bulbs your car will have are indeed std '382' or 'Ba15s' single filament 21 watt bulbs.

To replace them with a similar fitment led you will need to install load resistors - to prevent a 'bulb out' warning. Here's the one's I've used:

They're relatively easy to fit - but as they give out as much heat as a bulb, you're best not fitting them inside the back of the plastic headlamp housing. You therefore need to drill a small hole for the wires to pass through - and mount them somewhere nearby. I'm happy to take pics of where mine are when it's not chucking it down with rain :blush:

As for the LED's themselves - you've got to be careful if you care about what your car looks like. Different arrangements of led's give off very different 'patterns' in your reflector.

Here's the style that I've found give the most 'even' spread of light in the lens:

But if you search '382 white led' in Ebay you'll see there's loads of others.......always think about which way the led's point, as they're generally very directional.

Hope this helps?