Dave B's S3 Diary

So the mapping's done. I dropped it off with Rick on Monday afternoon and by 4ish on Tuesday it was finished, graph below:


The car feels much stronger everywhere now. Rick had some positive comments about the car which was nice to hear, it had zero problems (phew) and apparently it's one of the strongest K04 powered cars he's had. He said he'd had over 280bhp out of it on the rolling road but wound it back for reliability (something I'd asked for as it is still a daily). It's pretty crazy actually as before the map the car was running up to 24psi boost and making less power, now according to Rick it's only peaking at 19psi and holding 17psi, the additional power being made through timing - and it's finally a surge free zone! All in all i'm impressed by Rick's work and would recommend him.

The additional power has really highlighted the obvious weak spot on the car - the brakes. Time to press on with the Brembo's, as such I'm flogging an AMSS in the classifieds to help fund the required bits!


awesome! Cant wait for him to work on mine!
Well, it's been a while since I updated this, but here we go....

So I still have the car and its run great since my last update. I've not had chance to do much as the little one has kept me very busy, however I have fit in a full service and managed to collect the parts to do the Brembo's. I now have:

- Reconditioned grey calipers
- Badger5 hoses
- New pads
- New discs

Before I start, anyone know how to mount the braided lines on the shock body and the chassis where the hose meets the hard line? It's not obvious looking at it but I'm sure it is when you know how?

Ta muchly!


The lines should have something on them to enable you to clip them to the shock like this:

As for securing the lines to the hard pipe I don't know the common thing that's done but my old man got me these clips (Renault):


Glad to hear you're still in the game
That hard line pic is very useful, the hoses did come with a clip that looks like it does a similar job. As for the shock body attachment, I might need to work something up as there's nothing obvious on the line and the only clip that came with them are the ones I've mentioned regarding the hard line attachment. I'll give Bill a nudge as I'm sure he has a simple solution.

Thanks for the reply, it's good to see some old school members still active :racer:
Sooo, I managed to get these fitted at the weekend.

Mocked up to check it all fits:


...and finally in place behind the wheel (please ignore the scabby wheel, it is in dire need of a refurb):


I'm really happy with the pedal feel and stopping power, more than enough for fast road driving for me. I think the colour has worked out well too, subtle but meaningful!
So 6 months have passed, which probably means it's update time :)

The car has been great, but with a growing family the time has come to part with the trusty S3. I say this with a heavy heart as the last 9 years of ownership have been really enjoyable, and the car has taken everything in it's stride, these motors really are great all-rounders (especially with some choice mods!). If I could modify the car to have two more doors and an estate size boot then I'd keep it!

It'll be going on all the usual sale websites soon, so hopefully it'll go to a good new home, IMO it certainly deserves to.

A big thanks to all the people I've met, messaged, replied to and argued with over the many years I've been a member of this forum (must be 15ish years now). There are some truly great and knowledgeable people on here, who quite frankly most of us take for granted, so a big shout out to the long term members that are left, and those that have already left.....I'll certainly recommend the new owner becomes a member on here if they are not already.

Thanks again :racer: :bye: :salute:

Dave B