Data connection could not be established


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Hi all,

I've got an A6 Ultra black edition with a 3G enabled MMI.

I had a SIM with IDMobile and that worked great, but I've switched to PlusNet (for a better data plan) and I'm getting the error "Data connection could not be established" when trying to use Audi connect.

No other data services are working either, Google Maps etc. I've hooked up my phone to the Wifi and that connects, but there is no active internet connection.

The MMI says "3G" on the screen, and I've tested the SIM in a mobile and it connects to the Internet/mobile network fine..

Should all SIMS just work out of the box like my first SIM did? Or is there something I am missing? I've gone through all the settings and can't find anything I should have to change.

I've read the Data connection settings are provided by the network and are applied automatically..but I'm not sure.

Any ideas/suggestions would be gratefully received :)