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Looking to get a dashcam for my company A4 don't want to spend a fortune - any good recommendations?

Also I want it to look tidy but not permanently installed so will probably use the 12v socket in the front. Anyone done so and found a way to hide the cable?



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What's your budget? I've got the Garmin 55 which currently sells at £120 in Halfords and John Lewis. It's one of the smallest dashcams - the size of a matchbox. I managed to hide it completely behind the mirror on driver side. It's been working very well. Recently I spotted a Blackvue knockoff for £50 so couldn't resist buying it. Its called DDPAI Mini 2. I'm thinking of using it as my rear view dashcam as it has a remote button to saving videos. I haven't installed it yet but I must say it looks very impressive. The packaging looks like it has been designed by Apple and the camera looks very good as well. Will hopefully install it soon and test it.

As for wiring, you will need to route the cable if want it to look good. On the B9 I found it very easy. If you want to use the parking mode then you need to hardwire it otherwise use the cigarette lighter socket.


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I’m a company car driver myself and always thought about getting a dash cam, but the wiring of it and the installation of cables etc have put me off as I don’t want to be liable for any issues on a company leased car due a preferred semi permanent install that I wound like as I am OCD about wires , cables etc trailing over the dash to get to the lighter socket haha .
Will be tracking the thread to see what you end up doing . Cheers


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Had mine installed by a professional company, not as cheap obviously but no visible cables, only the part that comes out of the camera into the headlining...


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It is really easy to hard wire it yourself (and therefore easy to remove it too) plus the benefit of that is it enables you to completely hide the wires. I wouldn't want to see the cable running to the 12v socket.


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In my previous A4 I had a nextbase dashcam. I bought the nextbase hardwire kit which provides a piggy back in the fuse box. I think it was about £5 and would work with most cameras. If you pull the door seal away on the front passenger side you can tuck the cable along the headlining and down the a-pillar. There is a ‘cap’ at the side of the dashboard which if you remove it provides an earthing point for the negative cable and a hole that feeds down into the fuse box in the passenger footwell for the live cable which piggybacks using the device. Takes about 15 minutes....


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Mind the live side of it though.

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