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Q7 Dashboard Light issue Q7 4M

Callum Jarvis Nov 6, 2018

  1. Callum Jarvis

    Callum Jarvis Member

    Hi we recently purchased a Q7 4M and noticed that the Dashboard contour light on the right hand side is extremely dim. No matter how much we adjust the interior lighting within the MMI is very dim; I've attached photos. On the point also of interior lighting, the footwell lights also seem to sporadically work. Sometimes the rest of the interior lighting is on and the footwell lights aren't. To make it work I have to go into the MMI and turn it all the way down then back up again to kick it in. The lights are set to Auto and it sounds like it is a software issue with the footwell lights, in regards to the contour light being dim I'm assuming it's hardware. I have rang my local Audi dealer and have it booked in. The women that I spoke to on the phone did mention that their was a update that should have been performed before the car was sold to us. Love to hear if you guys have experienced something similar.

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