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Dash Illumination - is there a problem ?

Rob2k68 Mar 22, 2012

  1. Rob2k68

    Rob2k68 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Hello All,

    I wonder if you can help me make sense of this ????

    Driving to work this morning my dash was illuminated including needles regardless of headlamp switch position. On most other occasions with the light switch off the dash lights are off, flicking DRL lights on illuminates the needles only (pretty neat !!) and then moving to side lights or dipped beam again gives full dash illumination which is what I would expect.

    I cannot figure out the logic to this and it is especially more puzzling given that my car does not have auto lights and wipers so if it were correct operation then where is the input signal coming from ?

    It's an 09 Plate SB S-line 1.8TFSI although 10MY. Any ideas ??

    I have VCDS maybe there is a setting here that is causing this strange behaviour ?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. plezz

    plezz Registered User

    Hi Rob, im pretty convinced that my needles are always illuminated. if i turn the DRLs on, then the dials illuminate too, and then if i put on side lights or dipped then the aircon and stereo light up also.

    mines a '10 with no light packs at all other than standard.

    i cant go down to my car and check at the mo as im at work, but that sounds normal to me.
  4. azialex

    azialex Registered User

    mine does that as well. 09 plate facelift. think it controlled my some sensor.
    for example when your driving up an hill and the sun is beaming onto the windscreen the dials turn off and when you go over the hill the dials lit up again. this is during daylight when no lights switched off.
    and i have no auto lights/wipers in mine not that i know of.
  5. wallace78

    wallace78 Registered User

    mines does the same they r always on mines is a a4 2.5 quatro
  6. paddy

    paddy Registered User

    There is a small round black sensor in the Speedo just after the top speed mark that controls the dash lighting independently of the light sensor in the screen and headlights so even with auto lights you can have headlights on and dash off and vice versa. Same with non auto lights.
  7. Rob2k68

    Rob2k68 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Thanks guys - you certainly know your stuff :respekt:

    It's a big relief to know that it's not a gremlin at work in my car !

    Got me thinking though ...... wonder if there is any way to utilise this sensor for coming home / welcome lights ??
  8. h5djr

    h5djr Registered User Gold Supporter VCDS Map User


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