Dash flickering and car won't start shortly after turned off.


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Hello, I have an audi S3 8l 2000 APY engine and I'm facing a very frustrating problem. The car was driving just fine but the last month or so, sometimes the car as soon as I turn the key, the dash lights and indications will start flickering instead of being steady and the car won't start or will start after many tries. Also, if the car does start and I turn it off and on again in a short period of time, it won't start at all even if I try 5 times. My mechanic cannot find what causes the problem, and I'm desperate for solutions. Do you guys have any ideas? Thanks in advance


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Had something similar to that was the ignition switch.


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Power Relay linked to the aux contacts on the ign switch , was heating on mine , coil must of had shorted turns
replaced relays in cabin and engine bay along with ignition swich [just electrical switch]
had dash flickering and odd warning lights ,,,, linked to temperature , ok on cold day
the imobiliser is in the dash , so powere issues there , kill the engine ..