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Dash cam installation

Steveroberts1971 Aug 28, 2019

  1. Steveroberts1971

    Steveroberts1971 Registered User

    Has anybody hard wired a Nextbase or any other good dashcam to the new A6? If so is it fairly easy to do as don’t want to introduce any rattles etc after installation.

    Many thanks in advance
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  3. ascr

    ascr Registered User

    Hi, I have a Blackvue 9000 2 ch system, hardwired with backup battery. It's a bit pricey but very robust set up. I used Halfords fixed price service to fit and they did a stellar job. They wire directly to fuse box, and if you chose to have an additional battery, then the power goes to the battery first and then on to the two cameras. All works very well and good cloud coverage aswell. Did have a small issue with the car electronics showing up errors when first fitted, but Halfords had direct line to Blackvue support and swapping a fuse adaptor sorted the issue. Halfords charge a flat £50 to fit the two cameras and this includes the cables required. No rattles at all and all trim intact.

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