Dash Cam install (again) - QUICK QUESTION


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I recently purchased the BlackVue and PowerMagic thingy-ma-bob

Just collected the car from the auto electrician after the install and the BlackVue is switching off when I turn off the ignition so no permanent live.

Auto spark is a good friend and can't look at it until Thursday and if it's a simple fix I'd prefer not to bother him

Here is the fuse box, you can see where the wires are added, can anyone advice on where these need to go for switched and permanent live?? If you could highlight on my upload it would be appreciated

I don't have any of thos fuse piggy back things


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on the right of the red wire, where the 20 amp fuse is the slot directly above the 20 amp fuse is a permanant live, try putting the red wire in there


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All sorted thanks.

I did have a browse over the other thread but I was a little cautious on which slot to use