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Dash cam and warranty

NickCarter Jun 24, 2020

  1. NickCarter

    NickCarter New Member

    I’m wanting to fit a Gamin mini dash cam to my new car. I’ve always had dash cams fitted to every car I have owned and swear by them. however, fitting one to my 6 month A5 and hardwiring it to the fuse box - would this void my warranty?
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  3. Adam14

    Adam14 Well-Known Member

    Mine was professionally fitted by Alex on here, had no issues with warranty claims with my local dealer and confirmed as much.

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  4. DJAlix

    DJAlix VAG Car Coding™ Limited Site Sponsor Gold Supporter VCDS Map User VAG Can Professional ODIS (Offboard Diagnostic System)

    As long as everything is installed with care and fused / earthed correctly then Audi cannot say anything.
  5. Dippy

    Dippy Well-Known Member

    As I noted on another thread, I have a dashcam and stage 2 tune and was able to get warranty work done by Audi. The only issue could be if the warranty claim is related - so if there was an electrical fault. Best to use piggy-back fuses to tap into power so that none of the OE wiring is actually modified.

    A bigger risk is not to inform your insurance company of the modification - but I'm sure they everyone on this forum follows those rules.
  6. NickCarter

    NickCarter New Member

    Yep, i will be using one of the extra cable package from Halfords that have the double fuse. I did it to my other car, wife’s and sons with no dramas
  7. NickCarter

    NickCarter New Member

    Yep, exactly that. Always you the double fuse plugs and Earth it properly.

    This is what I had of Audi when I emailed them.

    Thank you for your recent email regarding installing a dash cam in your Audi Model and the vehicle’s warranty.

    To maintain the warranty cover for your vehicle, you need to ensure that it is serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, as any damage to or defect in the vehicle caused by poor or insufficient servicing, will not be remedied under the warranty.

    Our products are sometimes subjected to modifications by their owners. When assessing a Warranty claim, it must be carefully ascertained whether, from the technical viewpoint, a connection exists between the modification and the damage. For example, a claim regarding the paintwork cannot be rejected because the vehicle concerned has been fitted with a more powerful engine.

    Warranty claims are excluded in cases where the claim is directly related to the fact that parts have been fitted to the vehicle that are not approved by Audi.

    Equipment such as tow-bars or radios, not fitted as standard, that have to be removed to facilitate a Warranty repair cannot be included on the submission. Any costs involved in this removal and re-fitting must be charged to the customer.

    Your warranty applies to the base vehicle only. It does not cover any special fittings, conversions or additional bodywork.

    The Audi UK warranty only covers defects in manufacture. Your warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by factors outside the Manufacturer’s control or which are the result of normal wear and tear. Examples of this include:
    • Damage or defects as a result of repairs or incorrect installation of parts or accessories by an unauthorised workshop.
    • Damage or defects as a result of the installation of parts, components, software or accessories not authorised by Audi UK.
    • Damage or defects caused by modifications, special fittings, conversions or additional bodywork.
    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.

    Kind regards

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