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Darkside Developments Egr delete caused DPF problems??

Rob-Quattro Jun 17, 2012

  1. Rob-Quattro

    Rob-Quattro Registered User

    Afternoon all,

    I've recently purchased a EGR delete kit from Darkside Developments for my A3 TDI.

    Got around to fitting it on Friday afternoon, All went well and had to do the usual cleaning with carb cleaner to remove the carbon build up which was very thick considering the car has only done 36k, would dread to think of the build up if it was on a 100k car.

    Anyway went for a test drive and the throttle response felt quicker and less lag when pulling away and changing gear, which could also be down to cleaning the carbon of the remaining parts.

    No lights flashed up on the dash board for 40 so miles until I parked up at a friends hours for a few hours then went to drive off. The engine ECU light was on (which I expected it would of came on at some point). No driving issues though and the car still felt and drove as before.

    I took a blast down to London last night, sat at around 75-77 most of the way there which is about 2400rpm, got a little further in after slowing down for traffic lights etc and the 30-40mph limits the DPF warning flashed up.
    This has never happened before and I've driven to the speed limits in London many times before for long periods of time. I've read and been told if you sit above 2000rpm for so many miles then the DPF should do a regeneration. I drove back at 80mph in 6th gear at 2500rpm for 40 miles and nothing changed. The light is still on.

    Has anyone had this problem before?

    Is it a coincidence the DPF has had a fault since I fitted the EGR delete?

    Could the ECU light being on have caused the problem?

    Or is it the extra carbon/soot that would normally be passed back around my inlet manifold into my engine to be re burnt has clogged it up?

    Any help would be appreciated and any further information you need to answer or help then please ask.

    Thanks all and happy fathers day :)
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2012
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  3. ryanp

    ryanp Registered User

    Hi Mate,

    Ryan @ Darkside here. Is it the Emissions workshop light or the DPF light that has come one? The emissions workshop light will come on until the EGR is removed from the software.

    This would be the first time we have heard of the DPF light coming on after fitting one of our EGR Deletes.

    Let me know how you get on


  4. Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

    Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Hi Rob,

    we have seen it before where after modding, the DPF can become clogged up. What tends to happen is that the cabon deposits can which are in the intake, turbo etc can dislodge and end up blocking the DPF.

  5. Rob-Quattro

    Rob-Quattro Registered User

    Thanks for the replies guys,

    Ryan, I don't think its the emissions workshop light which has flashed up, just the first stage of the DPF warning.

    I know I need to get the EGR software taken off but I plan on doing that when a few others mods aredone and at the same time as the remap

    I think Rick might have hit the nail on its head...

    If so what's the best way to unclog my DPF without going to the stealers for a regen apart from what I've don't already?

    Thanks again.
  6. ryanp

    ryanp Registered User

    Ah right I see, a lot of customers get confused with them both!

    Yeah thinking about it after I replied, Rick has a point. The filter could be blocked by some big deposits that have come lose while removing the EGR.

    Wurth do a DPF cleaner that you put in and then get the car up to temperature. It clears out the filter as long as it is not too far gone (it was not sucessful with the car we had as the filter was 92% blocked!)

    A good test before spending money is to force a regen. There are a few guides dotted about on how to do this. Involved driving at 50 in 4th on the motorway, the Lorries are not usually pleased.

    Let us know how you get on.

  7. Rob-Quattro

    Rob-Quattro Registered User

    Right a quick update, tried to get the car to regen tonight for about 45 mins, every trick in the book that I've read up on and still the 1st dpf warning light is up, I did turn it off and wait and start it back up again to see after every attempt. I got annoyed on the way home and really really gave it beans! Parked it up in the garage and turned it off after she cooled down obviously. Thought I'd start it back up and it had gone! Engine management light still up but that's due to the EGR not being plugged in.

    Still got to test it tomorrow to make sure it doesn't come back on but if all is good then the "fair few MPH" might have cleared the clogged DPF like was said.

    Thank you both for your help and I'll give you an update by the end of the week :)
  8. marty.h

    marty.h Registered User


    The good old Italian tune up seemed to of sorted it then

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