Dab radio

Had my car 3 months ,and just noticed when I have dab radio on ,I no longer get album art and name of artist playing.
Coincidentally I also noticed that when looking in settings ,that it says "there are currently no data plans available for use".
But when I look under licence periods everything is valid for another 3 years.
Would anyone know if these two issues are related?
Car is booked into Audi in a fortnight's time.
Thanks for any advice.


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Audi connect 3 year plan is different to the additional data plan. The paid data plan ( roughly £10 a month ) will give you the album art, web radio, amazon music etc , it also allows you to use WiFi on your laptop via the onboard sim etc.
Sign up and you get a free trial.
Personally I find it not worth the effort & cost
Thank you, so does that mean, to have all the bells and whistles after 3 years, there would be 2 subscriptions to pay?


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Unfortunately yes we’ll have to pay for Audi connect when the first three years are over.. although I’ve heard on other forums for the likes of the A4, A5 etc Audi have extended some people’s for free. The other subscription is optional and like I say from experience not worth bothering with.