DAB problem after firmware update


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Hi all, new to the forum. I posted this initially in the A7 section but realised it may well be something a wider audience could help with...

Wondering if anyone can assist.... Just updated firmware/nav maps on my 2011 model MMI-3G+ It was still on original install so figured there would be much to gain from an update!!
That turned out to be a mistake as I seem to have lost DAB radio. The others bands work fine but DAB and volume for it do not respond. I just see 'ensemble 1' and no progression from there.

I've gone from version HN+_DAB_K0097 and 5.12.5 to HN+R_EU_AU_K0942 and 6.34.1
Does the omission of DAB from that command line mean anything does anyone think?

I had a couple of errors in the firmware update which I had to skip/cancel to allow the install to complete which I'm assuming must be playing a part??? -

ARU9440:0 error 131

Anyone any ideas for a fix? I've had a trawl on the wider web for similar issues but they seem limited to cab/soft tops causing wiring issues and various plugs working loose etc. I find that a bit too coincidental when it was working two minutes before the update.

I also understand a few don't really value DAB anyway but I just like things to work as they should :)

Thanks for any input!



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Resolved in case anyone finds this in a search for similar issue - file or sd card problem. Put firmware file onto new sd card and worked fine.