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Facelift DAB interference when using rear screen demist

s3marc Nov 10, 2018

  1. s3marc

    s3marc S3 Sportback , Mythos Black

    Now the nights are getting colder and I am having to use the rear demist in the mornings the radio seems to get interference and drops stations - anyone else get this. Is there any point in taking it to Audi? I have heard of issues with the radio when people install rear dash cams , but anyone getting it with their DAB?
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  3. Svenedin

    Svenedin Well-Known Member Team Navarra Audi S3 quattro S tronic

    Not had this issue and I use DAB and rear demist very often (I also have front and rear dash cams but that's an Audi UTR). I think a lot depends on the region but I find DAB reception spot on.
  4. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group saloon Audi A4 S-line owners group

    This should not be occuring andnone of my dab equipped cars suffered from this. Take the in to the dealership under warranty...
  5. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    my old a3 8P used to get interference on MW from heated windscreen when i replaced my radio with the RNS-E. This was due to the aerial amp in the tailgate not being compatible, maybe there is a failure in this area?
  6. s3marc

    s3marc S3 Sportback , Mythos Black

    cheers guys, looks like a visit to the stealers then
  7. HertS3

    HertS3 Active Member

    I've got this problem on my Mini where I scratched the heating element and apparently the Mini uses the rear heating elements for the radio! As soon as I switch the heating on the radio signal goes. I tried using contact stuff (name escapes me) and sometimes when it's cold it seems to work but most of the time it doesn't. Check your heating elements to see if there's a break anywhere, if so that could be the issue.
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