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DAB aerial options for 8P A3 Cabriolet with RNS-E and AutoDAB

Dav_J Apr 11, 2019

  1. Dav_J

    Dav_J New Member

    Hi Everyone!

    This is my first post on the forum (but have been lurking here as a guest for a little while).

    We have just bought my wife her first ever Audi:yahoo:: a beautiful low milage A3 8P Cabriolet. We collect on Saturday.

    The car has the RNS-e head unit (and I'd be relucant to remove it as the display is also used for the visual display on the front and rear parking sensors), but my wife would love DAB. After doing a bit of searching on the forum (and checking out youtube videos users have posted) I see the AutoDAB AU1 works nicely: beautifully integrating into the menus and utilising the steering wheel controls whilst broadcasting over an empty part of the FM range.

    Furthermore, we've managed to bag a reasonably-priced second hand one on Ebay! Result!

    However (and I'm sorry if this has been posted elsewhere - I did look, but couldn't find my answer), the second hand AutoDAB doesn't come with an aerial so I have started considering the options. I know I could just buy a stick-on windscreen aerial like the one that would have come in the box with AutoDAB originally, but I have heard mixed reviews on their performance and they look a little messy.

    I wondered if anyone has come up with a better solution for a "clean" DAB aerial? For example:

    1. Can the Audi FM one be upgraded to handle DAB (I note, for example, the one in the tailgate for the A3 hatchback can be swapped for a genuine Audi FM/DAB part)
    2. Does anyone know where the aerial is in an 8P Cabriolet?
    3. Will one of those DAB "splitters" that split the feed from the original FM aerial into DAB and FM connections work or is there likely to be a problem with: (a) amplification of the arerial; or
      (b) the AutoDAB remaining on in the background and thus stealing all the signal so there is a loss of FM reception (as I understand those splitters can't provide both FM and DAB at the same time)?
    4. Has anyone found any aftermarket DAB aerials that can be fully concealed (I'd have considered a replacement roof aerial....but that doesn't work for a cabriolet!)?
    Many thanks in advance for your help!

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  3. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Normally all the antennas in a cab are in the boot lid which is usually plastic. The A3 8P never had DAB as standard, so it would have to be an aftermarket antenna. You could put something into the boot lid and run the cable through the boot hinge.

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