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D4 tv tunining

mcmc Mar 20, 2019

  1. mcmc

    mcmc New Member

    Just swapped my 05 d3 3.0 tdi in for a 2016 d4 4.2tdi

    Got the d3 up to 229k miles over 11 years of ownership (for 36k) absolutely loved that car.

    The 4.2tdi is a completely different beast. The speed difference is crazy, but still getting 30+mpg with a little bit of fun and more sensible driving.

    Anyway, all is good apart from the front TV. Rear tv's can mirror the front one (as in example video). What I'm not sure about is if the car with rear entertainment has two TV tuners or just the one.

    You can see the front screen has a serious problem, all the mmi and dvd works fine but the TV flickers like mad.

    Is there away to retune the front TV? I've tried seeing it to factory, but not had any luck

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  3. Homer Simpson

    Homer Simpson Tiptronic Team V10 Audi S8

    Is it still under warranty? If so, get the dealer to have a look. Might be a software bug.

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