D-Day / Normandy landings trip in the Avant


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I'm planning a trip to Normandy and Dunkirk this August with the old man. Been meaning to do it for a few years but work has gotten in the way, so now its booked.

I have booked the euro tunnel for £176 with their Road cover included, steeper than the ferry but I'm in the Navy and have seen enough ships for now, plus Dad has not been on the Tunnel yet.

I have the triangel breathalyser, Hi-Vis, Euro plates and beam deflectors. Do I need anything else?

We are planning 2 days in Normandy and 2 days in Dunkirk.

Has anyone done this before and has anyone got any top tips? It has been a few years since I drove from the UK to Europe, last time was Christmas in a hire car from Geneva airport to my brothers house and i got a speeding fine in a ****** Vauxhall Moca!!!


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Can't help with your question but I hope you have a great trip I've always wanted to do this! :)

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Cheers Chap,

I have found my old Euro bag and updated all the first aid gear and some HI VIS jackets.

Thats me set, just need to get the holiday and a patrol out of the way then I'm off!


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yep, straight from halfords

I'm Just Rob.

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Have a good trip chap , always fancied doing that sort of thing myself but work just gets in the way all the time....

put some pics up on your return....



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Keep your hi viz jackets inside the car with you and not in the boot because if you break down in France you have to put them on before getting out of the vehicle.


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Evening, that is the car checked and fuelled, although 2 possible snagging points:

My licence is still with the DVLA, so I will try and blag my Navy ID card and paper licence
My Aircon is not as cold as it was before I went on patrol....