Cycling EPB on A6 2014 to change brakes

Loren Pascal

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I have an A6 2014 Quattro 2.0; Im changing the rear rotors and pads; I have Foxwell NT624 scanner to cycle the EPB but not sure if I have the correct battery charger for the job; (Potek 10/20/40 Amp Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer with 50-Amp Battery Clips)


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Well, yes I know that the best plan is to connect a battery support unit to your car battery when doing these jobs, but in my experience, if your battery capacity is okay and its charge level is "full" from having been topped up with your quoted smart charger, I'd leave the battery unsupported while you retract and then drive back out your EPB, it works for me.

Edit:- if you are still concerned, maybe connect back up the charger as soon as you have retracted the brakes at the start of this job. (this posting is a bit late, sorry!)