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Customer Review: Snow foam, does it actually work?

Juicy Jen Jan 13, 2012

  1. Juicy Jen

    Juicy Jen Jen @ Juicy Detailing Site Sponsor

    "Gary" a member on www.ukcorsa-d.com purchased from us a snow foam lance to attach to his pressure washer and 5 litres of Juicy Snowfoam. Like a lot of people he was dubious about the product and to help others decide if it is just a gimick he produced this review independently. He has agreed that I can share it with others:

    'Before i start id like to point out im a complete novice, so im backing my thoughts up here with pictures.

    This question even divides some of the more knowledgeable detailers out there

    Pro- argue that the thick foam removes heavy grit from the paint and as it gloops and slides off the car it prevents any damage to the paint work. also any caked on mud is penetrated and loosened by the snow foam as it dwells on the paint.

    Against- argue that it does nothing that a quick power hose wouldnt do, they say its another stage added by traders to get your hard earned cash.

    My thinking is would you power hose a car with water that you knew was full of grit particles and debris? I wouldnt, and i imagine thats exactly what happens when you place a pressure washer onto dirty paint!

    so in the interest of science i took my car down a dirty raod today and left the dirt to dry, heres the car before




    i then mixed one inch of snowfoam (used juicy jens foam and lance) with some warm water and completly covered the car


    heres the snow foam at work





    alot of contamination lifted before the paint was even touched, and some amount removed before the car was even touched with a blast from a pressure jet

    heres the car after its rinsed


    so im my opinion its completly worth it! hope this makes the decision a little easier for those of you that havent experienced it'

    Some of the responses from other members on the Corsa forum mentioned that the only reason this worked was because the car was protected (in this particular instance it is Wolf Bodywrap). The answer to this is actually yes it will make quite a bit difference and look cleaner than a car that has not been protected, however even on a non-protected car it will get alot cleaner from this pre-wash process. Ok the water will stick rather than run off but it will certainly look a lot better before proceeding with the 2 bucket wash.

    There are various fitments available for a wide variety of pressure washers so if your not sure what your's is then you can email me or post a picture in this thread (including brand and model of pressure washer) of the lance (male end) and I can confirm the correct one.

    We stock a range of snow foam brands including Valet Pro pH Neutral

    Snow Foam and Lance Kit | Pre-Wash Foam | Washing & Drying | Juicy Detailing

    All our Pre-Wash items can be found here:

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  3. N8

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    I'm a big fan of it! Makes a difference, need to order soon, will be placing an order your way dear :wub:

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