For Sale Custom S-Line Decals (White text/Purple) - Set of 4


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I have a set of 4 custom made S-Line decals if anyone is interested. They are external decals (underside of text is sticky, not the topside) and are made from high temperature-resistant vinyl, so you can stick these on brake calipers with no issue. This was originally a set of 6 and I had the two smallest ones put on my brake calipers and they have stayed on ever since, even with washing and a sticky caliper on one side (which I can assure you, got really hot!) Car is now sold so this can go to someone else!

There are two sizes:
First pair is 35mm by 93mm
Second pair is 35mm x 107mm

£2.50 posted for both pairs, or £1.50 posted for one pair.

For sale - S-Line decals.jpg