Custom Moulded Earphones


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Of late I've been considering buying a set of these & of course going to have moulds made etc.

I have looked at ACS & Etymotics, there are others out there, but these 2 brands are standing out from the crowd as such.

Anyone else gone down this road, any experiences with the brands.

I've also looked at buying some Etymotic ER4's & use the ACS sleeves, but not too sure its worth it as the single driver ACS units are practically the same price as this route & that's custom moulded.

My concern is, with exercise do the customs fall out, I'm not sure they're as snug as I require, which may lead to overhead types again.

Any info from experience would be appreciated, TIA.


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Not with moulded ear phones but with moulded earplugs. I use emtecs at work and have to say they are extremely comfortable, and have never fallen out. That's with manual work all day.
They do earplugs for ear phones and can be made for different headphone brands.They come with the Sennheiser CX300 audio drivers.
Not a patch on acs tho but a lot cheaper to try to see if u like them :)
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