Cup holders in rear armrest. Gonna make my own..


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Are there cup holders that can be fitted or retro fitted inside the rear arm rest??

I can't find anything that will hold 2 cups/cans etc and I've set my mind on to making my own with 6mm acrylic and a laser engraver to cut to shape. 2 cut outs for 2 drinks and maybe engrave a couple of Audi rings on there to??

The seed is planted in my head and I got to try this. :rolleyes:


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Thanks for the replies.
Today I had a bash at making the cup holder.
Here's the results...

The 2 cup holes are staggered because if they were side by side, the top of a MacDonald's coke/milkshake cup would touch at the top and not fit in the holes flush.

I done the full length of arm rest otherwise the cup holder would slide so also made room for storage and guess what... It's big enough for a happy meal box.

The under side. Support stripes and one of them acts as a barrier to stop things sliding under the cup section from the storage section.

Fitted to arm rest. Fits flush (after a few attempts on the laser cutter)
and the lid shuts as normal and all can be folded away with cup holder still in.

Not the best pics from my phone and was dark and gloomy so better pics tomoz in natural daylight.

No more drinks tipping everywhere!!! :D
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i can sense a market for these!
i like them a lot!
sadly i am not on dragons den, but i think you could be onto something!
great skills mate!


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cool work! Just me, but i reckon it would look better with just one audi logo and much smaller, but its a fine piece of work!! Get them made and get them sold.


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Thanks ;) Your right about the logo but I just put them anywhere as it was the last part in the whole job and just wanted them finished.
I think they would also look better solid instead of an outline.


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Could have done with one of these last week,daughter had a friend to stay and whil
st they were watching a DVD in the car all the moaned about was nowhere to put there drinks, I want one, great work.


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i just grab one from tesco that holds 2 cups and bonded it into the armrest looks ok bit not as nice as yours ;-) any how you thought about putting an led or 2 in there as a back light and then cut out the audi rings so it lights up throught them would give it a nice touch.


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My 2002 Avant has the 2 holders shown in the link in post 2 .... thought they were standard.... my main gripe is only one holder up front and i keep toying with the idea of ditching the coin holder and moving the esp button and fitting a lefthand drive cup holder there

Me too ! Wife does nothing but whine about it !!


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^^ :D

The misses could do with one on her side to!

Where could one go if made?
Maybe when you open the glove box there could be some sort of holder stuck to the inside of lid??
Or something in the door card compartments??


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Have I seen somewhere a cupholder in the front armrest ???
Might of been on an American forum !


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I like the idea of this but even more so the original item that slides out............another mod to the list!


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looks nice mate, how much you think you'd be able to sell em for? quite fancy an audi logo one side and S4 t'other. jury's out on whether i'd prefer cut-out logos with lighting (and maybe some red cellophane or summat) behind.


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That front arm rest holder looks goooood. Got to get one of them.

If to sell, it would be around the £25 mark delivered.
As for lighting and cellophane, sounds good. That can be a job for you to jazz it up a little.

I would rather make these out of ABS plastic and I'm looking into it as it can be squeezed into place to make it more solid.


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sounds like a good price to me!


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I have got a twin cup unit from a mk4 golf that would probbly be modified to fit
What I notice from the very top pic is my rear armrest is looks thicker maybe to cope with holder

tazzy baby

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I like that it could be a good money spinner for you, i know i would buy one fella


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has anyone got it to fit a B7?