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CTS Issue? Bouncy rev gauge...

Tom93 Jul 31, 2015

  1. Tom93

    Tom93 Active Member

    Always had this, the rev needle seems to bounce up and down, not by much, only 100/150rpm in either direction at the most, but i realised it only does it when the car is hot/ up to operating temperature, when its cold it fires up and ticks over at 1100ish rpm perfectly, i was first lead to think vacuum leak, but then i thought surely if it was a vacuum leak then it would do it when cold aswell? Last time i scanned it, it was code free, and that was just a couple days ago, nothing has changed since. I do plan to do a boost leak test at some point soon.

    So in summary the hot idle, bounces up and down a bit, and is generally a bit high, between 900 and 1100. PCV has all been deleted and there are no leaks i can find with my eyes. Throttle body is also clean, even polished it with the dremel lol (saddo) and i have done many throttle body alignments. The car is well serviced and is only run on VPower.
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  3. Lee Gerrard

    Lee Gerrard New Member

    I had a similar issue to this my needle bounced around when it was hot, but when it was cold it sat up around 1600, turned out it was the accelerator pedal, easy check, when idle put your foot under the pedal and lift it an hold it up, see if it makes a difference, hope this helps
  4. Tom93

    Tom93 Active Member

    Had a look today, fuel trims

    -0.6% And. 0.0%

    Checked codes and had one
    Idle speed higher than expected...

    Also foot under the pedal has made no odds.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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